Confessions of a modern day shopaholic 

Shopping has really stepped up its game. It’s taken a whole new form, from eBay to Depop to online boutiques and even Instagram shopping. Everywhere you look you can practically buy something. It’s no wonder why it’s so hard to resist clicking that checkout button or handing over that cash at the checkout. Shopping is so much more accessible as you don’t even need to leave your own living room with the beauty of home delivery. No more sweaty changing room nightmares where I swear the mirrors are not a true reflection of how you actually look and endless queues that just end up wearing your patience really really thin. So it may be easier to shop but that makes it a lot harder for us shopaholics to resist. Temptations are everywhere!

Social media has a BIG part to play in our shopaholic obsessions as everywhere you turn there’s an advertisement or promotion from a blogger/influencer. Companies are very clever in that respect as they know you’re more likely to trust your favourite bloggers opinion over the company’s motto or ethos, especially with those promotional codes. Bloggers and social media influencers have become the new port of call when it comes to seeking advice on where to shop and the finer details regarding sizing, fit etc because it appears that you’re getting a more personal, unbiased and true review of the brand/product. But can you really trust them? Does that mouth guard most celebrities advertise really make your teeth white and do they even use the product themselves like they say they do or is it just the money talking as let’s face it they get paid a lot to advertise these things. Oh and don’t get me started on the emails. You sign up to a company’s newsletter to receive 10% off that one time and now you get bombarded with 50 emails per week with their latest deals and constant sales. Yes constant sales. Seasonal sales just aren’t a thing anymore as it seems to happen all year round, just look at dfs. 

Most of the time you’re not even intentionally looking to shop but then something will pop up on the internet or when scrolling through Facebook and boom before you know it you’re on a shops website ready to click checkout. As easy as that! But if you’re anything like me then the  checkout button doesn’t often get pressed. I’m a classic example of a virtual browser and physical window shopper. I’ll spend hours scrolling through websites or trawling through rails and rails of clothes to end up frankly not buying anything. I dread to think what I would buy and more importantly how much I would buy if I had an unlimited amount of money. 

Nowadays shops and brands are very good at picking up on trends and creating totally new ones which causes a craze amongst the fashion industry. Suddenly you feel like you HAVE to have those fishnet tights which every instagrammer is wearing underneath ripped jeans or the latest pair of Adidas trainers, which change so often that you buy the latest pair and before you know it they’ve released some new ones in a blink of an eye. So unless you’re willing to spend thousands of pounds on the latest stuff it’s very hard to ‘stay on trend’ as fashion and style moves on quicker than ever before. This is not good for the modern day shopaholic as you burn through cash quicker than you actually wear the things that you’ve bought. 

Bottom line is if you have money to spend, it’s not that hard to find somewhere to spend it and in a blink of an eye it’s gone!

Be True Be You.


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