Can you tell the difference between sizes? 

Many people are concerned with their size, but surely it’s just a number right? Nowadays it’s unusual to be the same size in every single shop and if you are then you’re one of the lucky chosen ones! But what I want to know is can you really tell the difference between sizing, whether that be a size 8 to a size 16? Below I’m going to show you 5 outfits ranging from a size 8 to a size 16 and I want to see if you can guess which sizes belongs to which. Happy guessing!

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

You ready for the reveal….

Outfit 1 = size 14

Outfit 2 = size 8 

Outfit 3 = size 16

Outfit 4 = size 10 

Outfit 5 = size 12

Did you guess them right? If you did then I applaud you and your good eye for sizing. Here you can see that I not only fit into a size 8 dress but I can also wear a size 16 dress and both look like they fit me perfectly. This is why I am a massive advocate of buying clothes that actually fit you no matter what the size as you can’t trust retail sizing nowadays. What I’ve always wondered is who decided that a size 14 should look like that and have those specific measures, because everyone is different. Take me as an example, I have a rather large bum and wide hips but my waist is slightly smaller so buying jeans is just a nightmare as I can’t get a size 12 over my bum but a size 14 is too big on the waist. I understand it’s hard to accommodate for all body types but even when retail do try they create separate lines like their ‘curvy’ ranges and then segregate them from the rest of the ‘normal’ clothes range. Why should it matter? And the fact that retail thinks being ‘curvy’ automatically means you’re a size 18+ is disgraceful because curves come in all different shapes and sizes. So I say we should stop all this size segregation and more importantly just ignore the sizing, as hard as it is, because numbers don’t define us! 

Be True Be You. 


One thought on “Can you tell the difference between sizes? 

  1. mariestupak says:

    Love this post! Great outfits indeed! I have just set up a blog and people like you inspire me a lot! Big thanks 🙂 If you will have some time, you can check it out and leave your thoughts 🙂 I would be very thankful

    xoxo, Marie

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